I’m not sure if my family members are interested in my stories.
Your family may not be interested now, but they almost certainly will be in the future. They will someday have questions about your life, to which your recorded personal history will provide some answers. By preserving your life story, you are giving them a powerful legacy.

Why shouldn’t I do it myself?
Years of training have made Tina an expert and compassionate interviewer. She,
and those who work with her, are skilled at transforming your letters, stories, and photographs into a beautiful family treasure. Collaborating with Tina Martin Personal Histories will save you time and give you confidence, so that you will enjoy the process.

Audio recording, video, or written biography: which one is right for me? Tina will help your decide. Call with questions or to arrange to meet with
her for a complimentary consultation.

Where do the interviews take place?
The location you choose should be a place where you feel comfortable. Many
people are most at ease in their own home or the home of a family member. Tina Martin Personal Histories is based in the New York Metropolitan Area, but will
travel to wherever you are.

How long does it take?
Each project is unique. Video production can take up to six months, audio CDs only
a month or two, and a written biography approximately six months.

What does it cost?
We will work with you to develop a personal history tailored to fit your budget
and schedule.