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"How has your background in literary research and as an arts administrator and curator affected how you approach your current work?
My years of experience working on biographies have helped me become an empathetic and skilled interviewer, often drawing from my clients stories they have never told and memories they have forgotten. I am able to utilize my experience as a writer, editor, artist, curator, and researcher to take pictures, video, and text from raw interview material and create a cohesive, interesting narrative that is beautifully designed and presented as a family treasure."

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"Michael Lagana and his extensive family are . . . clients of Martin. . . . 'My grandmother is still alive and my father is still active in the business. When my brothers and I started, we worked 16 hours a day and poured everything we had into the business. . . . I want my children to know their father and their uncles just kept plowing forward without ever talking about the possibility of failure. We want them to know where all of our prosperity came from—spiritually as well as materially. . . . We are preserving our past . . . for our children.'"