My great-grandmother told family stories as she cooked, sat and sewed, and rocked on the porch, and I listened avidly. How I wish I had a record of those stories I heard as a child! I have forgotten so much of what she said. It would be wonderful if my children could hear her voice or read those stories in her own words.

I founded Tina Martin Personal Histories because I am convinced that each person’s story is unique and fascinating and should be recorded. As a professional writer, researcher, editor, and interviewer, I have interviewed all kinds of people, young and old, in all sorts of circumstances and in many different parts of the world.
Each story moves me, and each person
interests me deeply.

This is why I’m committed to helping you
preserve the priceless legacy of your story for
your children and the generations to come.

Tina Martin is a member of the
Association of Personal Historians